I’m a Personal Coach and a wildly curious wayfinder dedicated to help you heal, flourish and live a life truly on purpose. I know what it’s like to let fear and insecurities get in the way of, well, EVERYTHING. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you reclaim yourself and start living your truest potential more wholly and purposefully from the inside out. 

Hi There, I’m Seja and I’m so happy you’re here!

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Get Unstuck and Out of your Rut

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We all have periods in our lives when we feel stuck and can’t seem to get out of our rut. Whether we’re losing our sense of direction, not feeling as productive as we’d like, or generally feeling listless and unmotivated, it can feel challenging at times to get ourselves out of that state...

Have you been having vivid dreams lately?

Dreams can be confusing, and weird, and sometimes just plain scary! They can also be deeply powerful, especially when we can interpret what the heck they mean.

3, 6 & 12 Month 1:1 Experiences

Dream Interpretation Sessions

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1:1 Coaching

Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled, and sometimes lost or directionless? Like you’re being swept along unwanted currents but not the one navigating your sail?

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A personal DIY experience to help guide you through the inner work!

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Inner Journey

You’re ready to start healing, you’re ready to start living and you’re ready to explore how to get there.

Seja is an extraordinary life coach!

She listens with deep compassion, coaches with great wisdom, and holds a loving container for my own inner knowing to emerge. She has a rare intuition. She hears both the words and the space between them. I've had revelations in every session. Seja helped me see my life purpose and step into it! I now know how to follow my body's guidance and move beyond my limiting beliefs. Thanks to Seja, I am living a more authentic, joyful life. Working with Seja is a privilege and an opportunity for real, lasting change.

-Rebecca Tolin

I’d highly recommend Seja to anyone who is trying to create a little magic in their own lives

Seja is a highly intuitive and creative coach who helped me visualize my desired future so clearly that it actually came to be. Seja used a combination of deep listening skills, compassion, intuition and symbolic interpretive techniques to help me identify the underlying issues holding me back. I especially enjoyed her dream analysis, which helped me understand what I really wanted.

-Heather Kerr

Seja is an incredible coach, and so warm and loving.

I participated in Seja's ‘Month of Magic’ Coaching Series and I was amazed at the breakthroughs happening for me session after session. The exercises she walked us through brought about profound change in my life and I could not be more grateful! I highly recommend her as a Life Coach for all who are seeking a soulfully guided experience to transforming their lives. Thank you Seja!

- Natalie Colalillo

My Dream Analysis Session with Seja was an experience I will never forget.

Even on video chat she was able to create such a safe space to explore my mind freely. I didn’t realize how much my subconscious knew! If you have ANY dream you can slightly remember — do this experience with Seja. I’ve seen myself and my life differently ever since. We were able to pull up some deep emotions that I hadn’t realized were affecting me. My nightmares ENDED after processing the experience. Awareness works guys! Seja is a coaching QUEEN.

- Rachel Van Heel

I will definitely work with Seja in the future and am forever grateful for her guidance. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Seja on several occasions. Her caring and intuitive nature made me feel comfortable right from the start. When talking with Seja, I found it very easy to open up, be vulnerable and share what was troubling me. Her insights provided much needed clarity and as a result I was able to implement new strategies to help me reach my goals.

- Susan